21 March 2008

Another bloggers recipies

This one is from my friend Leighs blog. http://myscrapbookworld.blogspot.com/

Easy Chinese Fried Rice
Chicken left overs or two cut up chicken breasts (in 1" pieces)
2 C. brown rice
2 eggs
soy sauce
sesame oil

You do not have to use sesame oil. You can just use regular canola.

Cut up onion and chicken. Cook your rice according to package directions. Five minutes before rice is done, add peas. Put onion and chicken in pan with 2T sesame oil or canola oil. Cook until chicken is done and onions are clear. Crack egg and cook one egg at a time in same pan, scrambling until both eggs are cooked thoroughly. Drain rice and add to pan. Mix. Remove from stove
Serve with soy sauce.
You can add more rice or less rice, more chicken or less chicken depending upon your preference. This is a very flexible recipe. But it is cheap, except for the sesame oil part, but I gave you a substitution. Brown rice is nutritious and gives this a great flavor, but if your family won't eat it, buy the white rice.

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